Family Matters to Us

We believe that family was created by God.

Your family is something you have to protect against the many things that will attempt to destroy it. We believe God has called the Church to partner with families to help them be strong and centered in Christ.

Cosmic City Kids

Building a strong foundation in Christ.

Even the littlest ones are precious in the sight of Jesus! Infants through children two years old learn about the love of Jesus through our wonderful volunteers.  By singing with them, reading Bible stories, and even in moments of play children are receiving the message that they are loved by our Savior.  All volunteers in the children’s ministry at Lakeside are screened through a background check to ensure the highest level of safety for all of our children.


In our Preschool and Kindergarten class, kids age three through kindergarten are beginning to explore more about Jesus and the Bible.  Through our exciting video Bible lessons and activity time with teachers, children receive fun, interactive learning experiences about the amazing things that Jesus did while on earth, and begin to learn about who God is.  We are blessed with volunteers who love the Lord and our children and who are passionate about sharing God’s love with each one of them.


Teaching kids to know and love God is our highest priority.  Each Sunday kids in 1st through 5th grade are taught how to worship God through teaching, prayer, singing, and giving.  Kids are captivated by the video Bible lessons and challenged during discussion time with teachers.  The foundations needed for a close, personal walk with the Lord are established in our classrooms, encouraging children to continue building that relationship with their Heavenly Father on their own, at home with their families, and even in their friendships.

24.7 Youth

Guiding our teens to gain independence and freedom in Christ.

Every week, we gather to be ourselves in the glory of who God created us to be. We like to do things a little different from the way our parents do them. At our youth night, we have energetic music, activities, and teaching that’s just for us.

We need each other. So we get together in smaller groups to share and support each other. We’re more than just friends. We’re partnering with each other in life and discovering what it is like to start doing it on our own. But we aren’t alone.

It’s not just for us, though. We have to serve the world around us. YouthServe is our ongoing effort to love the world around us the way that God has loved us. We know what it’s like to need a little help, and we have committed to being a force of love to the world that is hurting around us.


We'll stick with you for all four (or five) years.

Huddles are the core of our student experience. They meet all over campus with students who are from our church and who have come from other cities. Our student Huddle leaders are committed to being spiritual leaders for their campus.

Are you interested in being a part of our college groups? We would love to have you.

Adulting isn't always easy, either.


At the head of the family is the institution of marriage. We believe that marriage is best experienced within the context of the Church as something that was established by God. If you are planning your wedding and would like to get more information regarding a pastor to officiate, pre-marital counseling, or using our facilities for your ceremony, just contact us.


Funerals are a time when families most intensely feel the need for spiritual guidance. We see them as an opportunity to serve and love those who are connected to our church. It's a time when families need support and love, and it's our job to be there when you need us. If you are interested in more information regarding funeral officiants, participants, planning, or facilities, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Counseling & Wellness

While our primary concern is your spiritual health, we know that emotional and physical well-being is an important aspect of life. We offer pastoral counseling through our pastoral staff as well as referrals to Christ-following professional counselors in our area. We also believe in the importance of physical wellness and will help you connect with nutrition and fitness experts if you need help in those areas. Let us know how we can help.

Financial Peace

Finances are a struggle for many people. Perhaps you are buried in credit card debt, or maybe you are simply struggling to budget and save. We believe that finances are important and we want to do what we can to help families in our community. We regularly offer a Financial Peace University class as our waiting list becomes full. If you're interested in our next Financial Peace University course offering, contact us to be added to the waiting list.

Support Groups

There are many things in life that bring us down, and sometimes it's impossible to do it alone. We have support groups in place to help those who are struggling with divorce, drug abuse, alcoholism, and fostering. Contact us today to get some help.


We believe that everyone should have a mentor, so we are always strategically pairing up mentoring relationships for our people. In some cases, these are among people within our church, but we also provide mentoring relationships with our local jail through the county jail ministry as well as with teenagers and kids through the big brother, big sister program. if you would like to be a mentor or find a mentor, let us know.